Wedding Cakes to Compliment the Wedding Dress

Wedding Cakes to Compliment the Wedding Dress
Cake designer Mak Tumang Emma Jayne of Emma Jayne Cake Design.

One of the highlights of the 2017 Cake International Show held at London’s Alexandra Palace was a life size cake replica of a couture wedding gown designed by Mak Tumang.  This stunning replica cake was the creation of Emma Jayne Cake Design who used fondant and modeling paste to recreate the applique flowers and the exquisite details of the illusion back.

Brides-to-be who are mesmerized by the beauty of this cake can take inspiration to have their own wedding cake designed to mirror their wedding dresses, albeit on a smaller, less flamboyant, scale, or choose to mirror one detail of their dress, such as a bow or ruffled skirt, in cake form.

Lace-Up-Back Wedding Cake

One of the most enduring and popular features of wedding dresses is the strapless bodice with a lace-up corset back, as illustrated in the MB 423W lace-up-back wedding dress with a ball gown silhouette. This lace-up closure feature can be mirrored on a wedding cake with the ribbons accentuated in colored fondant against the white icing of the cake. The lace-up ribbons can be a feature running through the tiers of cake as showcased in this image of a stunning cake.

Wedding Cakes to Compliment the Wedding Dress
Lace Up Back wedding cake.

Ruffled Wedding Cakes

Fantasy wedding dresses are replete with romantically ravishing ruffles as seen in the MB 433W ruffled skirt wedding dress with a ruffled ball gown skirt. The organza ruffles can be replicated as a decorative feature on a wedding cake, as a delicate sugar adornment on a tier, or as a ruffled finish cascading down one side of the cake.  Ruffles adorning cap sleeves and one-shoulder necklines can be replicated in the same way as a decorative feature on a wedding cake. The ruffles can be created in a different color to the rest of the cake, perhaps reflecting the color of the flowers in the bride’s bouquet.

Wedding Cakes to Compliment the Wedding Dress
Ruffled inspired wedding cakes.

Beaded Wedding Cakes

Intricate beading is a signature look on many wedding dresses, adding texture and shimmer. Bodices are embellished with delicate beading as seen in the MB 713W beaded wedding dress, showcasing a beaded illusion bodice and a flowing chiffon A-line skirt. Scattered beads are used to embellish skirts, while pearls and crystals are used to accentuate necklines. Edible pearls can be used as decorative features on wedding cakes and edible beads can be used to adorn the top tier of a cake.

Wedding Cakes to Compliment the Wedding Dress
Sparkling beaded wedding cakes.

Chandelier Beaded Wedding Cakes

Chandelier beading is often used to embellish the illusion backs on wedding dresses or to accentuate off-the-shoulder straps. The Allure Bridals W390 sparkle tulle wedding gown features exquisite chandelier beading insetting the deep V-back. This chandelier beading can be mirrored on wedding cakes, using fondant beads or actual glass beads as additional decoration.

Wedding Cakes to Compliment the Wedding Dress
Chandelier Beaded wedding cake.

Lace Inspired Wedding Cakes

You can choose a wedding cake created to replicate the lace fabric of your wedding dress. Lace is always a lovely choice as a wedding dress fabric as it has very feminine and has romantic overtones. If you are choosing a lace wedding gown such as the MB 445W lace wedding dress with a delicately scalloped hemline, you may wish to mirror the lace theme in your wedding cake. Cakes can be created with a floral lace look or with a vintage lace decoration.  You can have a cake bordered with a lace effect that mirrors the hemline of your dress or opt for a whimsical lace look perhaps inspired by your bridal veil.

Wedding Cakes to Compliment the Wedding Dress
Lace Inspired wedding cake.

Bows on Wedding Cakes

Bows are a popular feature on wedding dresses. Detachable satin sashes often tie in bows on the back waistline or delicate flat bow belts are used to accentuate a waistline as shown in the MB 451W lace-up with a bow wedding dress, embellished with lace appliques.  Bows are also a popular addition to wedding cakes, using either actual ribbon bows to delineate the tiers or as fondant bows used as decorations. Bows create the image of a present waiting to be unwrapped, evoking images of a delicious filling to the cake. Sugar bows can wrap around the cake or be used as an elaborate top adornment in place of traditional toppers. They can be used to add a splash of color or glammed up with the addition of a beaded center.

Wedding Cakes to Compliment the Wedding Dress
Bow inspired wedding cake.

Whether you choose to have a wedding cake created as a replica of your wedding gown or if you simply choose to take one detail of your dress and recreate it on the cake, you can take inspiration from these fascinating ideas.

Many thanks to the Madame Bridal’s photos of their affordable wedding dresses for use of their photographs.

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