Themed Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes play a traditional part in weddings, with the cutting of the cake a symbolic ritual many couples still enjoy. As the wedding cake is such a center piece of the celebrations, couples put a great deal of effort into choosing the perfect design that will look magnificent and be a talking point.  As you look through bridal magazines for inspiration you will discover the most elaborate cakes that are temptingly exquisite on the outside and tasty within. If you want a cake with a difference you could consider a themed cake with special meaning to you.

Themed Wedding Cakes
Beach wedding cake

Beach Wedding Cakes

If you are planning a destination wedding you may be drawn to a beach themed wedding cake that evokes images of the beach you exchange your vows on.  Beach wedding cakes is an easy theme to bring to life as the layers can be encased in blue fondant or frosting to represent the blue of the ocean. Decorations can be added in the form of white sugar shells and starfish to complete the beach theme.

Themed Wedding Cakes
Tropical wedding cake

Tropical Flower Wedding Cakes

You may be holding your destination wedding in a setting with an abundance of tropical flowers, like the caribbean, Florida or Hawaii. These can be used to decorate the simplest of wedding cakes to add an exotic feel. Tropical flowers stand out particularly well on white wedding cakes and the flowers can be preserved as a keep save.

Themed Wedding Cakes
Gold wedding cake

Gold Wedding Cakes

If you love the allure of sparkling gold why not celebrate your special day with a gold wedding cake. Gold cakes are glamorous, glitzy and sophisticated. You can choose a tiered cake with alternating white and gold layers, opt for a gold-foil wedding cake or dress up a cake with gold bows and hearts.

Red Themed wedding cake.

Colored Wedding Cakes

A popular way to tie your wedding cake into the theme of your wedding is to mirror your chosen color scheme. If your bridesmaids are dressed in red and you carry a red bouquet and have red floral pieces on the tables, why not continue with the theme with a red wedding cake?  Brightly colored wedding cakes have a contemporary look that appeals to modern couples. If you prefer a more delicate hue, then a whisper-light blush pink wedding cake has a more traditional feel.

Themed Wedding Cakes
Seasonal wedding cake

Seasonal Wedding Cakes

Springtime weddings call out for a spring themed wedding cake adorned with gorgeous sugar spring flowers while outdoor summer weddings often suit a rustic themed cake. Autumnal tones can bring warmth to an autumn wedding cake while winter weddings can be graced with a contemporary cake, perhaps experimenting with layers of black and white cake.

Themed Wedding Cakes
Champagne Bottle wedding cake

Champagne Bottle Wedding Cake

As your guests raise a champagne toast to the happy couple you could cut into a champagne bottle wedding cake. This is a great idea for a homemade cake for an intimate wedding, especially when the bride chooses a champagne colored wedding dress.

A big attraction of a themed wedding cake is how good it will look in the wedding photographs and how well it will be remembered by everyone celebrating your wedding, as something so personal to your day.  So, on your big day coming, consider alternative wedding cakes instead of the traditional.