Say ‘I do’ with Meringue Cake

The wedding cake revolution is still underway as couples seek out alternative sweet confections for their big day to rival the traditional wedding cake. Cupcake towers were the first really novel innovation to sweep the sweet table, to be closely followed with other twists on the tower theme such as macarons and cheese towers.
image of a meringue cake
One dreamy option that wins in both taste and appearance is the frothy meringue. This classic combination of egg white and sugar can be baked into towers of meringue kisses, individually decorated meringue nests, or layers of berry adorned crisp confections, pavlova style.

Meringue offers a delicately light option, in contrast to traditional cake. Whipped with air into dreamy peaks, the result can look ruffled inspired and be evocative of a white ruffled bridal gown. Coloring can be added to the meringue so a wedding meringue tower fits in with the general color scheme of the day, or lovely white meringues can be decorated with berries, enwrapped in ribbons or showcased on iced leaves, to match the colour scheme. Of course you can compromise by decorating the sides of a traditional wedding cake with meringue kisses, thereby ensuring there will be a layer of wedding cake for the first anniversary, as a meringue tower will have a shorter shelf life.

It is reputed meringue was first whipped up in the late seventeenth century in the Swiss village of Meiringen. The glorious meringue dish of pavlova was created in the 1920s in honour of the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, reputedly by a chef who was inspired by her tutu.  Meringue as a wedding centrepiece will also appeal to those aiming to keep fat out of their diet, in addition to being gluten free.

A meringue tower wedding cake makes a sensational centrepiece and can be as simple or as lavish as you wish. It can be decorated with fruit or bedecked with cherry blossoms for a chic look.

Meringue kisses can be dipped in chocolate to create rich swirls, or pomegranate syrup can be added to the mix to make pink swirls in the sugary clouds. Meringues can be layered with fresh cream, mascarpone or chestnut mousse, or filled with cotton candy for the ultimate fluffy finish. Individual cakes can be topped with fresh or candied fruits, or meringue nests can be filled with a classic lemon curd in honour of the perennial favourite, lemon meringue pie.

Wedding pavlovas can be piled high in a stack of enticing layers or alternatively mini individual pavlovas can be served. Seasonal berries such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries look exceptional against traditional white meringue, while a topping of ripe figs add a Moorish touch. Rose petals can be scattered on meringue wedding cakes, redolent of the rose petals cast as the bride walks down the aisle.

Fans of delicious format can serve up a culinary visual treat when a meringue tower or pavlova wedding cake is chosen as the dreamy dessert option. These fresh and frothy confections are the perfect match for weddings.