Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes

One wedding trend that shows no sign of abating is the increasingly popular choice of forgoing the traditional tiered wedding cake with toppers, in favor of something temptingly different. Maybe a couple just isn’t that into cake or maybe alternative choices better express the uniqueness of their wedding. Couples may hesitate to blow such a large chunk of their wedding budget on a traditional cake, especially if it comes with additional charges such as a cake cutting fee applied by the venue. While wedding cakes will always be the first choice for traditional couples there is a wealth of exciting alternatives to consider.

Cupcake Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake breakaway trend started with tiers of exquisitely decorated individual cupcakes. Wedding cupcakes are a great way of catering to a range of guests as you can opt for different flavors and unique toppings. A cupcake display can be artfully arranged to take center place and couples who want to stick with the tradition of keeping the top layer of cake for their anniversary can opt for a cupcake display with a small cake on top. Cupcakes represent a huge saving over a wedding cake. They can even be home baked and decorated, while the challenges of a home-made wedding cake may require too much expertise.

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes
Cupcake wedding cakes

Wheels of Cheese

Stacked wheels of different cheeses decorated with foliage and candied grapes, or fresh fruit such as figs and pears, are a marvellous alternative to cake and will appeal to cheese lovers. Cheese wheels as a wedding cake are particularly on trend in British weddings where celebrating with cheese wheels has reached an art form. Cheese wedding cakes can be rustic or elegant in appearance, but are always tasty. They are particularly suited to farm or vineyard weddings.

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes
Cheese wedding cakes

Wedding Cake Pops

Pop the cake on a stick with wedding cake pops. These decorated mini cakes on sticks are a fun alternative to traditional wedding cake and can be customized to a wedding theme. Cake pops are mess free and guest friendly. Bride and groom cake pops are one lollypop style option.  Children will particularly love wedding cake pops as their cuteness is so adorable.

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes
Wedding Pops

Ice Cream Food Trucks

Couples who like to think outside the box can opt for an ice cream food truck or an ice cream cart to cater the traditional part of the wedding that is preserved for the cake cutting.  Ice cream is a delicious choice that works particularly well at summery outdoor weddings. An ice cream cart may not be as traditional as wedding cake but it is certainly a nostalgic option. Some vendors can tailor their product to your wedding theme, offering custom designed labels to top the ice cream or by offering a custom designed flavor just for your wedding. For couples looking for a chilled out wedding ice cream food trucks are cool.

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes
Ice Cream Food Trucks catering weddings

Other Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

Other great choices to take center stage instead of a traditional wedding cake include drizzled donut towers, tiered macaroon stands and tiers of assorted miniature pies with favorite fillings. Chocolate covered strawberries are a sophisticated alternative while chocolate fountains are a big hit with chocolate lovers. Whatever sweet delights take a couples fancy can be transformed into a masterpiece of confection when it is presented stylishly.

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cakes
From drizzled donuts and chocolate-covered strawberries to colorful Macaroons set in a traditional tiered wedding cake silhouette.

If you really want to impress your guests, consider a wedding dress themed cake for the ultimate decoration for your posh party.